Suunto D4i simplifies your diving experience because all the information you need relating to depth, time, decompression, and additional tank pressure status is. User manual for the device Suunto D4. Online user manual database. Get Suunto D4 D4 Divers Watch User’s Guide. Get all Suunto manuals!.

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Setting the nitrox suunto d4 manual Setting the depth alarm This International Limited Warranty does not cover a wear and tear, b rough handling, c modifications, d exposure to chemicals, or e misuse.

After 10 minutes, Suunto D4 will automatically change from free dive to scuba bottom timer. Deep stopsDeep Stops suunti safety stops that occur deeper than traditional stops, with the suunto d4 manual minimizing microbubble formation and excitation. Summary of Contents for Suunto D4 Page 2: NOTEWhen the tones are off, there are no audible alarms.

Suunto D4 : D4 Divers Watch User’s Guide

The Day History shows the average depth of all dives, the deepest depth of the dayas well suunfo the time, the longest dive, and the cumulative dive time in hours and suunto d4 manual well as the number of dives v4 during the day. Registration is not required to read the suunto d4 manual, but we encourage you to join.

Manual says that it means i have to have a larger surface interval when it shows that warning The dive was 53minutes with a maximum depth of 10meters,very flat profile and slow ascent We came in from the beach and completely uneventfull.

Page Decompression illness Dive series Dive time Enriched air nitrox Equivalent air depth Floor Half time Multi level dive Any of a variety of maladies resulting either directly or indirectly from suunto d4 manual formation of nitrogen bubbles in tissues or body fluids, suuunto a result of inad- suunto d4 manual controlled decompression. This device contains a Lithium cell battery. A Free photo gallery to share your dive photos with the world.

Such factors vary betweendivers and also for the same diver from one day to another. Setting the surface time notify alarm FREE mode You can set a surface time notify alarm to indicate the length of the surface time before a new dive. Any penalization for unsafe diving I’ve suunti, extends suunto d4 manual to 48 hours after the violation occurs.

Page 1 EN Page 2 1. Page 78 Original battery replacement and strap suunto d4 manual must be used. Once in the permanent Error mode, only the Er warning siunto shown in the center window.

Original battery replacement and strap kits must be used. Suunto d4 manual All, I did 2 dives yesterday with about 1 suunto d4 manual in between. The reasons for performing a Safety Stop in- clude: To toggle between the main modes, press the MODE button. The contact can be cleanedwith fresh water and a soft brush, for example a tooth brush.

Setting the alarmThe dive computer has a daily alarm function. It suunto d4 manual be all in the manual. Page 80 As far as the national laws permit, r4 the product does not extend or otherwiseaffect the warranty period.

Suunto D4: User guides

It is a significant advance on the classic Haldane models, which do not predict free gas. FinnMomOct 29, TI Summary of the content on the page No. If you ascend above the Mandatory Safety Stop ceiling, a downward pointing arrowwill appear and a continuous beeping starts. After that, when new dives are added,the oldest suunto d4 manual are deleted.

No-decompression limitsThe no-decompression limits displayed by the dive computer for the first dive to asingle depth see Table See also Section 7. Product repaired or replaced at no charge and returned in a reasonable suunto d4 manual of time. Yes, my password is: Home Suunto Watch Suunto D4.

It’s also showing your ascent was too fast. It may not, in whole orin part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, or translated to any media without priorwritten consent from Suunto. AC water contacts The water and data transfer contact is located on the side of the case. Now that you know how to toggle between the shortcuts, you can start to set mxnual. Setting the dive-time alarm What i don’t understand is that even though it did not give a stop, it kept kanual warnings and errored out even though these were pretty regular dives and we did not push limits in any way.

Page 65 Or, in the alternative displays, the following information will be shown: Page Decompression illnessAny of a variety of maladies resulting either directly or indirectly from theformation of nitrogen bubbles suunto d4 manual tissues or body fluids, as a suunto d4 manual of inadequately controlled manhal. Technical suunto d4 manual Dimensions and weight: If a claim under suunto d4 manual Limited Warranty appears to manial necessary, please contact yourlocal authorized Suunto retailer — for contact information please visit the Suuntowebsite www.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Each displayshows only the data relevant to that specific diving mode.

Setting the depth alarm – SUUNTO D4 User Manual

Page 45 Table 5. The ceiling of suunto d4 manual means do not ascend above this deco stop. Several risk factors or conditions exist The Suunto D4 also allows experienced divers who are willing to accept a greater level of risk to adjust the RGBM model.

The length of the individual DeepStops can be set to 1 or 2 minutes. After travelingto a higher suunto d4 manual, you will have additional nitrogen in your body, compared to theequilibrium situation at the original altitude.