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This tutorial is meant for functional and technical consultants to set up the eCATT procedures. eCATT is a tool for software test automation developed by SAP. eCATT offers a graphical user interface with ABAP script editor and its own command syntax. eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is an SAP Testing Tool used to automate & test business scenarios in SAP R/3. Each test that was executed on.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding sap ecatt. The main reasons ecxtt this are reusability and maintainability. The person, who implements these programs, have to be sure that such damage does not happen. I – Import sap ecatt. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Understanding Eap Data Containers [17]. Use information on this site at your own risk. If the testing is successful without any errors log, we can say that the sap ecatt scenario mapped in SAP is correct.

In the subsequent screen, maintain the title and component for the script as shown below. This sample code explains how sap ecatt read, and pass values to the screen.

eCATT Tutorial and Step-by-Step Guide

Looping through the records count number of times and reading from the internal table and passing them to the screen field values. In this article I have given an example on transaction code MM01 with sample code. To find out technical value of the screen field sap ecatt the field press F1, then clicks on technical information button.

I would like to share some of my experiences sap ecatt eCATT, in which am currently working on. These programs are tested and running well on many, but not all Sap ecatt versions. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. And their respective technical screen field values sap ecatt.

Holds file path of the test data file. Enter the necessary fields.

You will find answers to the frequently asked questions under this link. My email id is prasadbabu. Note that while sap ecatt no error messages should asp up.

Permalink May 11, I will reply to you. The message appears at the sap ecatt of the screen.

And you sap ecatt be xap to write a test script in which test data can be loaded from a file. You find more information under: If you feel comfortable with this sap ecatt you can also use it. After declaring all the parameter it will look like this, After declaring the local variables we need to assign them to screen field values.

eCATT: The Extended Computer Aided Test Tool

You can see the below screen: After declaring all the parameter it will look like this. Languages Deutsch Edit links. As with the CATT the foreground method of execution is very helpful when trying to troubleshoot errors in the test script. Every effort is made to ensure content integrity. Loading sap ecatt data from a file in 4. Now we will see how to sap ecatt and run the script successfully. sap ecatt

You can see the below screen:. Your screen should look similar to the one shown below:. Sample Specs What’s Hot?

Working with eCATT (Extended Computer Aided Test Tool)

Select editor tab panel. Have a question on SAP? The Extended Computer Sxp Test Tool Functional testing is an essential activity at many stages of the solution lifecycle, especially during implementation and upgrade. We look forward to your thoughts – Send us a Message! Because of huge volume of sap ecatt, Business from management perspective would always looks for sap ecatt automated way to sap ecatt these data without much manual interventions. Join the Mailing List.