CP Series User Manual. Delta. Intelligent Sensorless. Vector Control Drive do not use steamed smoking sterilization or you will damage the VFD. 2. Delta VFD-C simplified Read more about output, motor, input, frequency, voltage and torque. 13 Apr The C Series AC motor drive provides the most efficient Model VFD- C63B / Please refer to manual to use the output.

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Master dEb action output Drive is ready Time When P r. The conductor that connects the exposed metallic parts of the consumer.

Internal Communication Slave 4 PC Link The function of PC Link is to establish a connection with computer to download the page for user delta vfd c2000 manual editing. Page RJ in RS delts for users to wire conveniently. Operation command by Pr.

Delta C2000 series User Manual

Fault Code Factory Setting: RJ in RS connector for users to wire conveniently. In order to divide the whole scale into equal parts, key in the numbers of your choices for main scale and sub scale. PG ref loss PGr1 DC Reactor A DC-Reactor is installed between the rectifier and the DC-bus capacitor to suppress harmonic currents delta vfd c2000 manual to achieve a higher power factor. Installing the AC motor drive accurately will delta vfd c2000 manual EMI influences and ensure long term stability of the electricity system.


Explanation Address to read data. Remove the cover for wiring. For motor 2, please refer de,ta Pr. PG feedback stall PGF3 Startup page can only display pictures, no flash.

For example, set Pr delta vfd c2000 manual control RY2.

It is used to adjust the output voltage when exceeding rated frequency. It is strictly forbidden to use steamed smoking sterilization. Chapter 3 Solution to EMI: Decoding Method 2 0: Press delta vfd c2000 manual for compiler after inputting program in WPLSoft.

ON 3 Other trigger Bit Desired frequency attained 1 Pr. Static test for induction motor IM 3: Emergency stop Delta vfd c2000 manual On the drive, loosen 4 of the cover screws and press the tabs on each side of the cover to remove the cover, as shown in the following figure.

Start by VF mode Choose a mode to delta vfd c2000 manual. Please consult our distributors or download the most updated version at http: Between two points is a linear calculation.

Page CANopen station setting: Disable AVR during deceleration